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Approaching BALIKBAYANG MAHAL: Passages from Exile

THREE ON E. SAN JUAN’S BALIKBAYANG MAHAL: PASSAGES FROM EXILE The internationally recognized public intellectual, E. San Juan, Jr. is currently visiting professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. He is director of the Philippines Cultural Studies Center in Connecticut,USA, and was recently Fulbright professor of American Studies at Leuven University, Belgium, and a fellow of the Rockefeller Study Center at Bellagio, Italy. Three reviewers—two American scholars and one Filipino intellectual—comment on E. San Juan’s recent book Balikbayang Mahal: Passages from Exile, Morrisville, NC:, 2007, available from and other Internet distributors such as A collection of his essays, BALIKBAYANG SINTA: AN E. SAN JUAN READER, will be launched in February by Ateneo de Manila University Press. The blurb for Balikbayang Mahal reads: “A project of homecoming traversed through multiple langu