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THE KITCHEN-KILLING FIELDS CONNECTION: WHAT HAS THE FILIPINO COOK AT THE WHITE HOUSE GOT TO DO WITH THE NUCLEAR-POWERED USS RONALD REAGAN SHADOWING INSURGENTS IN THE PHILIPPINES? by E. SAN JUAN, Jr. Philippines Cultural Studies Center Two rogue presidents tete-a-tete over White House cuisine--who cares? A humdrum factoid noticed only by insomniac journalists may have occurred in Washington in the last week of June. By consensus the worst “torture” president the U.S. has ever had met the most corrupt and brutal president ever inflicted on the Filipino people. Grotesque or farcical? In any event, Bush is now credited with the horrendous deaths of nearly a million Iraqis, over four thousand American soldiers, the cruelties of Abu-Ghraib and Guantanamo, and a debilitating economic recession. Arroyo claims the honor of having instigated several thousand victims of para-military violence (903 extra-judicial killings, 193 enforced disappearances, according to the Philippine hum